Nishi-Azabu 4-chome showcases its quiet yet radiating
existence amid a metropolis.
Especially this location atop a hill away from a main street features a deep calmness as if the existence of this area
was unknown to people.。


The sound of leaves and the scent of the soil spreading into the wind.

Walking along the pathway leading to the entrance of this grand residential building, one’s senses awaken gradually.
Far from the bustle of the city, it feels as if time and space exist in a different world.



Deep inside Nishi-Azabu, on a hill with a moderate slope, existed a grand residential building that we wanted to
pass on to the ages.

Street view near the site (Photograph taken in May 2015)
*The average size of the private area in all 28 units, including the ones currently on sale,
already sold and due to be sold. The average size of each private area in the 1 unit
that are due to be sold is 238.00 square meters.
※Three units for sale
Exterior view (photographed in May 2017)©Shinichi Sato
The walkway (photographed in May 2017)©Shinichi Sato
Entrance hall (photographed in Jan 2017)